Attune with Sound Balance

Vibrational sounds that resonate with your inner 'Cosmic Om' vibration that help one tune into Universal Energy and inner Soul sounds. The tuning forks and crystal bowls are not based on a musical scale, but on frequency tones of vibration. The soothing sounds of my selected Crystal bowls and Tuning forks will balance both the chakra energy centers and the meridians CV (Ren) and GV (Du) to promote deep relaxation, pain relieving affects and sedation. The particular frequencies can help ground the holographic energy fields in the body from tension blockages and static.  It is a journey that also encourages the gentle opening of the heart chakra and meridian.
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Session Price
60 min
90 min
  • Gratuity not included in these rates
  1. Cupping: $20
  2. Reflexology: $20
  3. Sound Tuning Forks: $15
'rates not including gratuity'