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About Me- Massage Portsmouth, NH

My primary commitment is to your well-being. Explore the benefits of enhancing your health and improving quality of life.

I am a Professional Massage Therapist in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I graduated from The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico (now known as The Santa Fe School of Massage), in 2006, and today I am licensed in the states of New Hampshire and Florida. I am further certified for Cranial Sacral therapy, Tui Na Energy bodywork, and Therapeutic Qigong instruction. I am also an intuitive body worker that is committed to the well being of my clients.

My journey within the health and medical field began in 2003 when I chose to step out of  the hospitality management field and join the team of late Naturopath, Dr. James D’Adamo in Portsmouth, NH.  I met many patients and assisted them as an interpreter during some consults and  treatments or recommended healing programs.  I witnessed many stories, journeys, and radical changes amongst the patients I met.  Plenty of energy healing and intuitive wellness permeated in Dr. D’Adamo’s holistic practice.  My brain learned about these different wellness concepts of alternative medicine.  Yet, my hands, being one of my gateways for communicating better with my external world, just like my heart, or eyes, were needing to grasp a deeper understanding of wellness through touch- a higher vibrational healing Touch.  I left for New Mexico to enroll myself in a natural healing school founded by late Naturopath, J.Scherer.   Immediately after graduating, I offered therapeutic massage services at the Santa Fe Pain Center alongside with chiropractors and physical therapists.  Early 2008, I returned back to Portsmouth and continued my profession under other medical and health practitioners.  Many may remember my therapeutic touch in the Occupational/Rehabilitation, Oncology, and Maternity Wings at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital.  Others may recall my therapeutic bodywork services at the Rzepa Chiropractic Office and the HNNH Naturopath Clinic of Alternative Medicine. These experiences in both medical and holistic healing inform my approach to integrative wellness.

I offer a broad range of massage and body work therapies at my private practice named, ‘The Gift Massage and Bodywork’ in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  I am available by appointment at my studio and offer off-site individual or group classes for Qigong exercises.

“My primary commitment is to your well-being. Explore the benefits of enhancing your health and improving quality of life.” –Francesca Ciani

My mission during therapy sessions is to help motivate you to embark on a personal journey to RECONNECT with your higher self, tapping innate resources and healing wisdom to achieve balanced health.  Here lies the deep understanding and opportunity for healing to commence.

The body is the temple of our Being, containing interchangeable forms of energy to sustain life and promote healing.  As a healer, I want you to discover these for yourself, to experience the “Eureka!” awareness of natural healing, with ever-increasing depth and frequency.  My hope is to help you find the ways towards self-healing and balanced health.

I want you to feel good, to always embrace your personal discovery and strength. And moving forward, to be reminded of your inner power every time You look up to the Sun again.

“A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself”-Maryam Hasnaa